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Join us in our quest to build a 
world-class track & field stadium in Syracuse. 

A place where everyone can walk and jog in comfort while 
champions train and compete.

Raising the Bar - Shomari Felder, a former high jumper at Fowler High School, practiced hisskill in the cafeteria and told educators, “we can’t put the bar high enough.”

Felder Stadium/Nottingham HS
Track Meets
at Nottingham Stadium
Tuesdays, June 11 and 25, July 9 and 23, 2013


The Salt City Games Track & Field Meet was held in conjunction with the Syracuse Parks & Recreation on August 9th at the Sunnycrest Athletic Complex. Felder donated the trophies, headbands, and the milers' shirts.

Fun was had by all as children from Syracuse competed inthe following events:55m sprint,100M sprint, mile run, high jump, and throwing.

Distance Festival a celebration of women

The Women's Distance Festival, founded by Diane Sherrer and Lorrie Tily, was held in Dryden on July 12. On a stifling summer
night, 140 participants came to compete, to remember and to celebrate. Read more...

Seymour Elementary School, City School Mountain Goat Champions, Christopher Cedano, Jondale Davila, and Johnshin Davila.

Dear Children,

We thank The Post-Standard for the wonderful pictures, articles, columns, results of the sport and athletic performances of our teenagers a couple of weeks ago. I’m thinking particularly of track and field athletes who set records, a couple of these all-time, who performed in all kinds of outstanding ways, running, jumping and throwing. We are very proud of you.

I know that Dr. Sydow is watching, too. I hope that she knows that many of these performances would have been improbable without the seamless movement from indoor track to outdoor track which the SRC Arena provided. We saw the same names of the same youth one season to the next.

With the SRC Arena, Dr. Sydow performed something of a miracle in community spiritedness. Once, Children, she had planned to put in a simple recreation track for her students up on the hill, a place in which OCC students might keep fit and healthy while studying there. But, Children, your coaches, your running friends, your athletic friends and your families got wind of this plan and they put pen to paper and e-mail to ethers and sent these one by one and sometimes twice or more until Dr. Sydow had filled up a large manila envelope with requests and pleadings for a regulation track, so that OCC students might indeed become fit and healthy, but also so that you, Children, could have real track meets. She took that envelope to the legislature and they weighed it, I’m told, and said, We didn’t know you had this much support! And then they voted Yes, which gave to Dr. Sydow the next problem because the place for the planned recreation track was too small for a regulation track. A larger space had to be found. It was found and finding it, she thereby incurred the questions of your fellow athletes, the swimmers. Still, Dr. Sydow persevered in your name and in theirs, too, and she with her magic wand made peace with all of the athletes track and field and swimming, indeed peace and good will with all of the community. We are going to lose her in July, Boys and Girls, but before she leaves, would you put your own pen to paper and tell her Thank You? Fill her mail box, again. Give to her as a going-away gift another manila envelope full of letters. She had you in mind all along and, when someone loves our kids like that, we love that person, too.

We know. It isn’t that running and jumping and throwing were a piece of cake that championship week-end just because of the good will of OCC. Winning, giving 110% on the word Go, is tough. With factors exponentially factored upon factors, personal, intra-personal, inter-personal, time for training, and that little thing about time for home-work, competing at these higher levels would have been tougher still without that quality surface at SRC (no tile floors, no ice or snow, just quality surface and sub-surface), without the regulation measurements of the setting, without the installation of the best in results technology. Things are just easier when one has the right tools. Focus is easier. Results are reliable and universally acknowledged. The SRC Arena is an exciting place and it is usefully placed in our midst. Did you not get your homework done before dawn? Regularly catching sleep, were you not rested going into outdoor season? You weren’t hurt from running and jumping on inappropriate and dangerous surfaces. I know you are grateful, as we your parents, family, friends, and fans are grateful--and gleeful--and I know you’ll give to Dr. Sydow a shout-out to tell her so as she leaves us to go to those others who wait for her community spirit-making magic.

Send your notes and letters to Debbie L. Sydow Ph.D, President, Onondaga Community College, 4585 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse 13215-4585.

Thank you, Post-Standard.

Thank you, Children. Seniors, we’ll continue to look for news of you.

Thank you, Dr. Sydow. Much good luck to you.

Lennie Tucker


Thursday, June 7, 2012, 4:30 pm

Oncenter Conference Room

800 South State Street, Syracuse

Flag Salute

Attendance Lennie Tucker

Special Thank You to FIRST STUDENT BUS, to MOUNTAIN GOAT FOUNDATION, and to SAY YES, partners, for help with Felder/City Colleges project, The Youth Run--55 students, Seymour and McKinley-Brighton, City Colleges Champions

Minutes/Summary, April 12, on table/approved in absence of dissent

Treasury Report goals: $15,000 for ground study and $12,000 for cost-revenue study (requested by County Executive) - We have $4,000.


--Agenda read as presented in the days before the meeting.

--Add :

Beginning June 7, Felder is a partner in Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity, a merger of the Metropolitan Development Association and the City Chamber of Commerce, with support-associates in a 12-county area. This morning’s paper (June 8) lists Mohawk Valley as new region of the group.

--Add :

New b/w business cards and subsequent ad for the Salt City Games Track Meet via Scotsman Press and their associate who participates in Walk/Run program at Rescue Mission.

--Add :

Employees of Oncenter will remain throughout the change in management. We will get to keep Terri Toennies and Tom Eicholzer!

Meeting Adjourned, 4:45.

Next Meeting. Thursday, September 13, 2012

Congratulations to our CNY running buddies who did very well at Nationals!!

Complete Results

Event -1 mile Age Group Club - time
4 496 Mora, Joseph M50 GeneseeValley 4:56.36
3 572 Radford, Gary M55 Genesee Vall 5:01.89
10 82 Bowen, David M59 Genesee Vall 5:37.29
Event - 3000m    
2 617 Rybinski, Mark M56 Genesee Vall 10:00.92
Event - 400m    
1 Steinbach, Coreen W60 Unattached 1:15.35
Event - 800m    
1 Steinbach, Coreen W60 Unattached 2:53.98
Event - 1 Mile    
1 Steinbach, Coreen W60 Unattached 6:22.37
Event - 3000m    
1 Steinbach, Coreen W60 Unattached 12:45.35

Hundreds expected at funeral ceremony for Onondaga Nation clan mother

2011 USATF Niagara Association
Faux Annual Meeting

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